⦁    Wholesale Fuel Sales: We are a major wholesale fuel supplier in the Aegean region and all of Turkey supplying fuel to important economic actors like factories,construction yards and middle and big size production and service companies with our own transport fleet and the experienced and efficient distributorship infrastructure.

⦁    Transit and Duty Free Fuel Sales : Our firm provides fuel supply to yachters visiting our country via land transport in yacht ports and marinas in all Turkish Aegean sea and Mediterranean sea costs.In this important service where speed and trust are both vital, Akinturk is a prestigious vendor since the year of 2000.For more information, you can visit our bunkering service website

⦁    Bunker Fuel Supply To Ships and Barging:
Our firm is providing fuel supply to freight and passenger ships with its barge ship MT AKINTURK 2.

⦁    Our Gasoline Station:
Our gasoline station has been operating in Bornova region of Izmir under OPET brand since 1997. Our gasoline station is the first and pioneer dealer of OPET in Izmir.