Foreign Trade

Our company is the Turkey representative of respected foreign companies since 2004.
The main activity of Akinturk is to represent manufacturers from Asia, Europe,Usa and Australia which are active in petrochemistery,machinery, oil,gas and mining industries.



  • Aliminium and Stainless Steel Internal Floating Roof
  • Internal Floating Roof Seals
  • Floating Roof Drain Systems
  • Geodesic Dome Roofs
  • Suction Lines


  • Quick Release Hooks
  • Berth Management Systems
  • Docking Systems
  • Mooring Load Monitoring Systems


  • Cryogenic Marine Loading Arms
  • Ambient Marine Loading Arms
  • Swivels and Skid Modules










Fuel Foreign Trade

Transit and Duty Free Fuel Bunker Services

 Our firm provides fuel supply to yachters visiting our country via land transport in yacht ports and marinas in all Turkish Aegean sea and Mediterranean sea costs.In this important service where speed and trust are both vital, Akinturk is the only registered vendor since the year of 2000.For getting more information about our bunkering services, you can visit our bunker firm website

Internal Floating Roof Montage Photos

Akinturk's experienced staff has mounted internal floating roofs and aluminium domes to Opet,Alpet, Likit Kimya and many more prestigious Turkish petrochemical companies' tanks.

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Strainstall AMTS

 Strainstall AMTS company is the producer of world famous. Stevens quick release hooks.The company is also producing berth management and mooring load monitoring systems for docks and jetties. The company is a distinguished supplier of Turkish petrochemical industry's prime actors such as Tupras, Opet, Egegaz and Egegubre.

Ferrostatics International Ltd

Ferrostatics International Ltd is producing valves, catalyst and dosing pumps, bursting caps and tubs and stirrer shafts which are used under extreme pressure and heat in heavy industry such.The company is a distinguished supplier of Turkish petrochemical industry's prime actors such as Tupras and Petkim.

Manoir Industries Ltd

Manoir Industries Ltd is producing the systems and spare parts of the steam cracking and steam reforming catalysts which are used in petrochemical industry and hydrogen production. The company is a distinguished supplier of Turkish petrochemical industry's prime actors such as Tupras and Petkim.

Hitech Elastomers Ltd

Hitech Elastomers is expert in producing marine plastic and egineering solutions. Hitech Elastomers is the leading fender manufacturer in India and has been producing fenders and marine solutions for more than 30 years with its expert staff.

Vilma Oil Ltd

Vilma Oil is a trading company that moves a number of products, including: Naphtha, Gas Oil, Fuel Oil and Jet/Kero in the Mediterranean and the black sea. With more than 2.5 million tonnes per year Naptha supplying capacity the firm is the leader naptha supplier in the black sea region. The company's main aim is to provide transport solutions and manage risk (not only logistics, country or currency risk, but also that of highly volatile oil prices), thereby narrowing the gap between the two ends of the chain and their different interests (producers and consumers). Akinturk is the non exclusive agent of Vilma Oil in the Turkish market..

Circul-Aire Inc

Circul-Aire Inc. is a filter company offering solutions for corrosion prevention and odor removal for more than 45 years. Chemical dry medias that are used in corrosion prevention and odor removal may be removed as domestic garbage after their lifetime ends. All montage, maintenance and engineering services of these costless filtering systems that can easily be mounted to existing air condition systems is done by Akinturk Ltd in Turkey.

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Amnitec Ltd. leads the world in advanced flexible hose engineering and has a highly reputable experience for the design and manufacture of corrugated tube, stripwound tube and composite hose which is supplied to a wide sector of manufacturing processes.

IVG Colbachini Spa

IVG has been involved in the production of industrial rubber hoses to convey powders, granular, liquid or gas products.IVG's systems and services include the Oil & Gas sector, food, chemical, agricultural, construction, rail, naval and steel industries.The partnership with several companies of the IVG group makes it possible to offer integrated solutions aimed at many application fields. First of all the Oil & Gas thanks to the synergy with Bassi Offshore ( and MIB Italiana ( rubber hoses, produced on rigid mandrel, can reach continuous lengths up to 120 meters and can be fitted with any type of coupling.IVG quality system is certified ISO 9001. All tests are carried out according to the main international specifications and they guarantee the quality of our products.

MIB Italiana

From its inception in 1966 in Casalserugo, Padova, MIB rapidly evolved as the leading supplier of customized connections and safety solutions for the International Oil and Gas Sector. Maintaining the sound foundation of many of its product designs, together with expert Application Engineering, MIB has remained a recognised leader in its specialised field. These activities have been backed by a progressive research and development programme, state of the art design tools and in close co-operation with such bodies as Certification Authorities and Institutes of Research and Expertise.

Lotus Mixers

Lotus Mixers offers Agitators covering all sizes, simple to highly complex and an engineering staff with over 50 years in mixing. Lotus Mixer prides itself on working with our customers - serving their specific needs while addressing their questions, being flexible and paying close attention to comments and concerns. Lotus Mixers is a global leader in mixing technology. By utilizing the latest in design technology, extensive laboratory testing and field experience, Lotus Mixers work with each of our customers to supply the right mixers for the process.Lotus Mixers offers customers the advantage of working with the largest engineering staff in the mixing industry. With nearly 100 engineers, Lotus Mixer has been able to set up specialized teams in Ethanol/Biodiesel Pharmaceutical/ Biotech/Food,Chemical/Petrochemical Paint/Coatings,FGD/Water/Wastewater Pulp/Paper.Each of these teams are led by a head engineer who has specific knowledge and experience in the related field.
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